Khaiyyara Jimbaran Pecatu

Khaiyyara Jimbaran – Bali is a unique resort blending in Mediterranean Greek architecture with Balinese culture. Khaiyyara features 30 hotel rooms and 4 luxury 2 bedrooms pool villas. This Boutique Resort are perfect for you and your family because of its location that surrounded by beautiful beaches, trendy restaurants, popular clubs, and many tourist attractions.

Currently we ae looking for Energic and Creative talents to be part of our Team:

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Lowongan Mahogany Hotel

Mahogany is the heaviest and hardest, but gives rich grain and figure beauties. It does not shrink and warp. Since Mahogany is always been associated with quality and richness so, it is generally considered as a very expensive wood. Mahogany Boutique Hotel adapts to these values to bring a unique and comfortable places as well as a great location to stay. We are so delighted to welcome you and we hope your stay with us is an unforgettable one.

Lowongan Kerja Posisi :

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