PT. Exotique Group Indonesia Sanur

The company is located in Sanur and runs by young souls. The core business is in the tourism industry, we manage several hotel, villas, homestay and guest house in Bali. We do support the property in sales and marketing online. Reservation team is the core of our business resource, we do support development and facilitate the growth of our team within the company.

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Sensorial Management Group Sanur

Sensorial Management Group located in Bali, intends to be the leader in sensorial dining, hospitality and leisure environments. Combining the color, taste, aroma of the finest foods and drinks, with story quality environments. We aim to deliver the most incredible journeys and experiences, through the dining, social drinking and the making of emotional memories.
As we establish our business, we are aware that people will be our best investment. We are looking for a bunch of Good People that can shape the best future of their personal development in professional manner. You will be working with other Good People that will value your skills, and guide you through your career path, and fun to hang and share with.

So if you are kind, fun, full of ideas, have a sense of hospitality, we would like to welcome you to take a part of our Good People.

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